Whether we're carrying a super stylish tote bag or a multifunctional gym bag, these are the things you'll always find in our bag...

1. Safety Pins 

Broken skirts, tops or jeans - its all happened to us! 

2. Healthy Snacks 

Need we say more. We keep ours in one of the easy slip and zip pockets. 

3. Anti Bac Wipes or Gel 

Great to give your bag or hands a quick wipe down. 

4. A Mini Charger 

How many times have you been caught out?!

5. Multitasking Make Up 

Something like a Nars Multiple is perfect - use it for eyes, cheek and lips 

6. Card Carrier  

Looks much more pro and keeps cards crease free 

7. Multi tasking cream 

We love Waxelene - 100% natural and great for cuticles, hands, fly away hair 

8. Written List of Numbers 

How many do you know off the top of your head?! If your phone gets stolen or lost, a written list is something you will be so greatful for. 

9. Cash 

See above. What if your bank card stops working or you lost it? 

10. Umbrella 

A wet umbrella is a very annoying thing - use our separate water-resistant bottle holder compartment to keep it separate to the rest of your handbag! 

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