Beauty tips for mums that are short on time...Here at Fact + Fiction (formerly GymTote) we know what its like to be a new mum - these are our tips on how to keep your new mum beauty regime simple and effective :) 

Keep it simple when it comes to make-up

New mums need multitaskers. We ditched the 25 different products in place of multi-taskers that really work. These are our faves: BB cream + amazing under-eye concealer (we love Clinique) + dual cream colour for lips + cheeks (try Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge. Choose a brighter colour to make your face 'pop') + an easy to apply bronzer (one sweep or a quick highlight and you're done).

Tint your brows and lashes 

It doesn't take long and its pretty cheap, plus you won't have to put on mascara for two to four months! A real lifesaver on days we can't do anything else make-up wise. Brows were the things we realised made us look better instantly (well that plus A LOT of concealer). Nothing darkens and closes your eyes like droopy brows with hairs pointing downward.  Brush in a brow gel-upward and lighten and lift the brow bone with a subtle, pale shimmer shadow. Avoid a high-shine frost. It not only screams "I love the eighties" but highlights every flaw and follicle. We love e.l.f. Eyebrow Treat & Tame. 

Splash your face with cold water in the morning 

Sleep-deprivation = tired, puffy eyes and faces. To reduce inflammation, splash your face with cold water—or apply a cool cloth or cotton wool pad to your lids—for ten minutes. This will shrink capillaries and stimulate drainage. Keeping a cloth or pads in the fridge is a must! 

Keep some make-up wipes by your bed 

If you're too tired to wash your face at night (that's us pretty much every night!) these cloths are great for quickly removing residue and grime in one go. We love Shiseido Refreshing Cleansing Wipes. 

Get buff while you wash

Use a pair of exfoliating gloves with your shower gel to boost circulation and buff skin. They’ll leave no mess in your shower, or residue on your skin – great if you’re breastfeeding. 

Soften skin in the shower
No time for body lotion these days? We've been there :( Swap your body wash for a shower oil that softens and hydrates as you cleanse – no extra step required. Try Nivea in Shower Creme. 

Add a facial oil at night 
Just one or two drops of oil alone or mixed into your night cream will transform dry, dull skin. We use Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Rosehip Oil. 


Not just for vanity. Give tired eyes a rest and a little comfort under the shade of a good pair of sunnies. Tired eyes are more sensitive so keep them protected from wind and sun damage. 

Have a soak

Even 10 mins in the bath is totally restorative. We love the Cowshed's Knackered Cow Relaxing Bath and Body Oil (name says it all really!). It has a fresh, herbaceous fragrance and softens and hydrates dry, tired skin. One of our fave products and always on our gift list to new mums :)

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