Does life seem overwhelming? Here at Fact + Fiction we are huge fans of anything that makes life easier, and that includes being organised! 

These are top tips on how to get more order in your life, from the perfect organiser bag to how to sort out your sock drawer!

1. De clutter - Whether its your wardrobe or your kitchen cabinet, decluttering is the first step to being more organised in the home. 

2. Get some drawer organisers! Perfect for separating items in the hell that is that an untamed drawer. You can pick them up from Ikea and they really do work wonders for keeping clothes more organised. 

3. Invest in an organiser bag. Looking for a laptop bag that can double as a gym bag? Need a smart backpack for work? Forever losing things in your handbag? Our clever range of organiser backpacks and laptop bags will help you stay organised on the go! Shop the Fact + Fiction range of organiser laptop bags here -

4. A good paper diary. We think there is a lot to be said for writing things down and having them in front of you on a desk! Its so easy to forget things on the million i pad notes! We always pop a small diary into our Fact + Fiction bags, and are never without a small notebook as well. Our bags have lots of compartments and are perfect for keeping dirty baby or gym kit away from your daily essentials. Plus with our clever shoe compartment, you don't need to worry about getting mud on your diary! We are big fans of the BusyB range. 

5. Buy a fridge planner! These are perfect for keeping track of weekly events and to do lists as a family or just for you! 

6. Turn off email notifications so you don't get side tracked from your to do list. Schedule in a time to check and reply to emails a few times a day instead. 

7. Schedule time for specific tasks. Put them into a time frame and stick to it rather than just having them on a long list. Again a desk planner can really help so you can look at it and see "ok its monday at 11 that means I am doing x" rather than staring at a long to do list! 

8. Follow @thisgirlcanorganise on Insta!