Work got you stressed out? Feel like you can't leave the office behind? If you're feeling overwhelmed, overloaded and over tired, these are the Fact + Fiction team's top tips on how to unwind after a tough day... 


If you're response to this is 'how the hell can i turn my phone off?', you might be one of the 6 in 10 adults in the UK that say they are addicted to their phone!  Going gadget free at least once a week is do-able for all of us. Given all the studies showing how damaging phones and constant social media refreshing / email checking are, its a least worth trying to do! 


Apparently we are getting less natural sunlight than ever. This is damaging for our melotonin (sleep enhancer) levels and also our esteem and natural balance. Nature is a proven de-stresser. Aim for at least half an hour a day of natural light (and try not to take your phone with you!)



We know it sounds counter-intuitive, but planning time in for FUN is so important. If you're anything like us, fun is sometimes the last thing we plan in for ourselves. We've made a real effort to change that! 


When you get back from a long day at the office. the last thing you want to be thinking about is work. Switch off these work thoughts by indulging in your favourite hobby or interest! It’s why the adult colouring craze is so huge - distract your mind with something enjoyable and non harmful is the perfect way to replace worrysome work thoughts with fun. Need some inspo? We love yoga, reading clubs and cooking. 


The key difference between a good day / bad day? A good nights sleep can change your perspective on anything! Our favourite ways to get a good 40 winks include: a hot bath with lavender oil, ear plugs (if your partner snores these are essential!), an eye mask (light rooms make for less sleep according to science), and NO SCREENS BEFORE BED! This means no laptop, TV or phones in the bed – the light stimulus is scientifically proven to disturb and even prevent restful sleep.


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