Supplements can be a mine-field of what to take or if you even need to take them at all! We fill our gym totes with a few different ones, and here are our faves:



1. Bodyism Berry Burn. We don't normally take fat burners, but this is a natural supplement that helps with weight-loss if taken pre exercise.


2. Optimum Nutrition - ZMAs. We love ZMA. One of our staple supplements, it helps with muscle recovery and sleep improvement.


3. Spirtu-tein Natural. Dairy, sugar and gluten free protein powder with added vitamins and minerals. Try the chocolate or vanilla! We add ours to pancakes, shakes and baking recipes.

4. Lean Greens. The best tasting greens powder we've tried! A great pick me up for bright skin, a healthy gut and natural energy. 

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