What are the best products to use in the Summer? Should you buy anything new? How should you deal with flakey nails? 


Winter to Summer skin

A great way to obtain dewy skin in the summer is to mix a little bit of liquid bronzer with your foundation. Or, opt for a lighter BB cream. Skin frazelled by the sun?  If you’ve had a long day in the sun, try a raw honey mask before you go to bed and apply a layer of coconut oil for some overnight moisture and anti-bacterial benefits. 

What are the best make-up products to use in the summer?

The tip here is less is more! Ditch the heavy powders, dark eyes and deep lipsticks and opt for dewy colours and blendable products,  One product that we love is Becca highlighter in Champagne Pop or Moonstone for a luminous glow on my cheeks and nose (*tip: use it on your cupid’s bow and just below your brows for highlighting genius). Remember, you want to look like you have a dewy glow but not like you’re a sweaty betty, so apply powder sparingly on your chin, upper lip, t-zone and brow.

Also, get yourself a good multi tasker! We are huge fans of olive oil and coconut oil! 

Don't ignore your nails! 

Dry, flakey nails are a pain in the @ss. If you're suffering, keep your nails bare and treat them with a 15 min olive oil soak at least once a day. Once they've recovered, they'll be in a better place to add colour. Corals and white are always the most popular colours in summer as they suit any skin tone (whether you’re tanned or not- it's great) also it's an easy colour to wear and pretty much goes with anything. If you prefer something different, mint blue/green, pastel/light shades of pinks, lilac and oranges are very in. 

Extend your mani or pedi 

The best thing to do once you've had a manicure is to apply a really good top coat once every 2 days which seals the polish to prolong the manicure and also brings back the shine to make the manicure look fresh. Cuticle oil helps to keep the nails moisturised and healthy while the polish is on, try to use it three times a week.

Which beauty bloggers to follow?

We love Nadia Peri. She has great makeup and hair tips along with some killer fashion thrown in.  Lisa Eldridge’s blog is really interesting as you get top tips from a professional makeup artist.

What products could we not live without? 

  1. Palmer’s cocoa butter gradual tan: Not only is it a great moisturiser, it makes tanning so much easier! It’s never streaky and looks completely natural.
  2. Morrocan oil: I have naturally curly hair that gets frizzy and damaged easily. Argan oil is a god send if your hair reacts badly to hard water and humidity.
  3. Coconut oil: I use it as a hair mask, moisturiser, makeup remover, teeth whitener and eye cream. I also use it in my cooking and smoothies. I love Vitacoco for the oil and water.
  4. Micellar water: I am obsessed with this stuff for when I’m too lazy to wash my face. It gets every bit of makeup off and leaves my skin feeling uber soft. It’s also super cheap and lasts for ages.
  5. Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector: I swear to all things holy, this is the best lip product around. It smells amazing, it makes your lips kissably soft, plumps them up and gives them a luminous shine.