Want to know where Team GymTote go to get their sweat on? Here's a list of our fave work-out destinations. 

SOULCYCLE - https://www.soul-cycle.com

Why - The atmosphere is unlike any other spin class you've done. Often replicated but, in our opinion, never bettered. Incredible tunes, awesome instructors, warm studios and a  spiritual vibe. 

Where - Sadly not in the UK as yet, but we go whenever we're in the States.

HOT YOGA SOCIETY - http://hotyogasociety.com

Why - For when we need to detox! Great classes and teachers in a friendly atmosphere. 

Where - Our favourite studio is at London Bridge.

1REBEL - https://www.1rebel.co.uk

Why - Bootcamp baby. Their total body workout 'Reshape' is a HIIT workout of cardio and floor work that will whip you into shape in no time. 

Where - Our fave studio is at St Mary Axe.

TWENTYTWO TRAINING - http://twentytwotraining.com 

Why - Dalton Wong is one of the World's best trainers and healthy living experts. Just look at Jennifer Lawrence's body if you don't believe us! His sensible and balanced approach to training and nutrition is totally refreshing. If you can't afford to train with Dalton or his team, there are plenty of his videos and advice articles online, or check out his new book The FeelGood Plan.

Where - SW London  


Why - For when we don't have time to leave the house or fancy a cheeky extra workout! We do a circuit of the following. We've got a set of 2kg and 4kg weights but you can do it without any too. 

Set 1.  8 x reps each - lunge, squat, press up, 1 x min of burpees

Set 2. 8 x reps each - side lunge, tricep dip (use a chair or sofa), plank (hold for 20 seconds), 1 x min of mountain climbers

Set 3. x 8 reps each - chest press (lying on the floor), reverse row, renegade row, 1 x minute of punch outs

Finish with 30 seconds of plank 



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