Become A Morning Runner

Working out in the morning can be very challenging especially if you are not a morning person! With the weather warming up soon it might be the perfect time to make the transition to morning workouts. It’s important to keep in mind that these new habit take time, and that forming new health and wellness habits also takes a lot of mental strength.

Once you are consistent you are on your way to sunrise sweat sessions in no time. Below are a some top tips from our fitness Expert Nadia Murdock ( that you can start including in your morning routine until it becomes second nature!

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Schedule Your Runs for the Week: When you know what you have planned for the week it’s less daunting and you might even find yourself getting excited. 

Stick to the Plan: Try not to get up more than 1.5 hours later at the weekends to when you normally get up in the week. Your body clock needs to adjust to getting up earlier for your runs and sleeping in at weekends can actually have an adverse effect. 

Vary Your Running Trails: By switching up the scenery of your runs you are less likely to get bored and look forward to your morning runs! 

Get Organised: Try laying out your workout gear and running tech the night before, this will help to get you out the door on time and keep it simple in the am! 

Wake up inspired! Set an alarm on your phone from the night before with words of inspiration reminding you to get a good-night rest for your morning run. Also, try putting a sticky next to the alarm clock with a morning inspirational quote as well!