How hard is your handbag working for you? 

Did you know that the average soles of a shoe carry more than 66 million bacteria? Still want to shove your trainers into that smart tote bag?

When you think about how handbags are handled, and what we put in them - from trainers to sweaty gym kit to dirty baby bibs - it’s easy to see how handbag heaven can become handbag hell. Its one of the main reasons we designed with our range of compartmentalised, hygenic totes and backpacks! 

We're the only brand on the market to include anti bacterial and anti smell linings as standard across all our styles, plus up to 3 separate breathable compartments to keep clean / dirty stuff separate and fester-free. 

These are our top handbag hygene tips! 

1. If you carry food and drink in your handbag, keep it in a sealed container to avoid any spillages. All our bags feature a flatten out, anti smell bottom pocket that is perfect for lunchboxes, as well as a separate upright, spill proof bottle holder. 

2. Empty your handbag out regularly (ensure you check any pockets), then shake out the dirt and any bits of rubbish inside. With wipeable and water resistant linings as standard, the Fact + Fiction range is a cinch to clean. We use an anti bac spray or baby wipes on ours, plus you can clean them on the outside too as our nylon or vegan leather backpacks and handbags are fully wipeable.

3. When you're not using you bag, store it in a cool dry clean place, stuffed with tissue paper. All our bags come with tissue wrapping so you can keep it for storage. 

5. Always use an anti bac wipe or spray to clean the bottom of your bag. Think about where your handbag goes! From toilet floors to kitchen tables...We recommend cleaning the bottom at least once a week with an anti bacterial spray or wipe.  

6. Get a handbag that works as hard as you. The Fact + Fiction range is fully functional to make your life easier. Whether you're using it as a baby bag, gym bag or laptop bag, find your ideal style here