Remote working can be a total joy...or a total nightmare! From finding the perfect women's laptop bag to planning your day, these are a few insider tips that will make your cwofficing life that little bit easier. Shop our range of stylish laptop backpacks, laptop tote bags and stylish organiser bags for women now! 

1. Have a plan

Get a daily planner (a wall planner is even better if you're working from home) and have it with you all the time. If you block your day and to do list into hours (1 or 2 hour slots work best), you're more likely to be productive than having one huge to do list and bouncing between different tasks aimlessly. For example: 8-9 am = check and reply to emails / admin; 9-11 = work on xxx project; 12-2 = social media planning. 

2. Approach caffeine with caution 

Don't over do it. It can be tempting to get stuck into a large double latte at 3 pm, but drinking coffee after lunch will interfere with most people's sleep patterns. 

3. Learn to say NO 

Learn to balance what you need to earn to live on with what space and time you need to remain sane. Taking on too much because you are not in a boundaried office setting is where a lot of remote workers get stuck. Having your daily planner (see 1) will also help you see what you can and can't realistically fit it in. 

4. Build in Breaks 

Build in regular breaks, actually schedule them into your day and stick to them. It can be so tempting to start doing another task straight after you finish the first one, but your mind and body will thank you for stepping away. 

5. Change the scene - just make sure its got WiFi 

As if we need any encouragement to check out new coffee shops! If you've got a cwofficing friend, meet up for a work date. Its a great way to get creative, brainstorm new ideas and do work at the same time. Plus, if you're missing the office vibe and need to work somewhere buzzy, it will feel more like home for you. 

6. What you wear matters 

We are guilty of this. Its so so tempting to stay in PJs or gym kit until lunchtime. When you start working from home / cwofficing standards can slip people. As a minimum, put on fresh clothes every day, brush your hair, and a have a little spritz of perfume. What we wear has been scientifcally proven to have a huge impact on how we perform. Our fave home working / cwofficing outfit is usually leggings with a smart T or relaxed shirt. NOTE this outfit is great because you just add a pair of heels and a smart jacket and you look office / meeting appropriate :) 

7. Get the right kit

A decent laptop is a must, as is a phone with a good battery. Chances are you will have to lug a laptop around for a lot of the day, and if you're meeting friends after, you might want a change of clothes or shoes too. Get a bag that works as hard as you do.  Our range of super stylish women's laptop bags will see you through. With a separate shoe compartment and a padded laptop sleeve, they are guaranteed to make your cwofficing life easier! Shop our range of laptop backpacks and tote bags here