These are the Fact + Fiction team's favourite go-to hair products and top tips! Want silky, shiny locks? Haven't got time to faff around with curlers / straighteners every day? These are our fave ways to keep our hair in top condition and also tips we've picked up on how to look fab with minimal effort. 


1. A Silk pillowcase. From £13 at Jasmine Silk. Anti static and anti frizz, these pillows are a must for making  maintaining shiny hair a breeze. They REALLY work. We were sceptical, but trust us they really do make a difference. 

2. Pureology Shampoo. Our favourite range of shampoos as they are totally colour safe and 100% natural. We really noticed a difference once we started using them. From £11. 

3. Moroccan oil. If you have dry, thick hair you can use this on wet hair to tame frizz and promote shine and manageability. If your hair is thinner and not prone to frizz, use it very sparingly (if at all) to tame flyaways and give shine. 

4. Soft paddle brush by Denman. Natural bristles and a soft pad mean that this won't pull/break hair like so many brushes on the market. Its always in our bag! 

5. Thick silk scrunchies.  You know that 'normal' elastics can cause up to 35% more breakage right? Bigger, softer hairbands are so much better for your hair. If you hate the 80s throwback, PopBands are also great and not too damaging. 

6. A decent hairdryer. Its worth investing. Our fave is the Parlux Compact (from £65) as its really powerful, and a good size. 

7. A natural hair mask. Honey is wonderful as is olive oil, avocado and coconut oil.  Honey is our fave as it moisturizes and has antibacterial properties that help with scalp conditions like dandruff. And don't worry, it won't leave hair a sticky mess as it is very water soluble! 


1. High pony tails (I know we love them too) can cause breakage as the strands are too tight, causing tension. Try a relaxed plait for the gym instead. 

2. Want relaxed, beachy waves without a curling iron? Wash your hair the night before, apply a serum or oil, and dry it.  Plait into a tight plait et voila - in the morning you'll have natural looking waves.

3. Want Hollywood-esque, more 'done' waves? Wash your hair the night before and dry it so its completely smooth (give it a quick once over with the straighteners if you need to). Then put it into a tight bun at the nape of your neck with PINS - no scrunchies for this one. Open it in the morning and smooth with a serum.  Great for weddings or special events! 

4. Make sure you're eating enough protein! A lack will mean more split ends, less shine and more breakages. 

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