What we eat is as – if not more - important for our beauty regime than having the latest anti aging cream. So what are the things that we should be eating to keep beautiful from the inside out? 

1. Adequate protein for strong hair and nails. Protein is made from amino acids – the building blocks for all cells – and is therefore crucial for tissue repair and for the construction replacement of worn-out or dead cells, with the skin cells being replaced every 24 days. If your body doesn’t have adequate protein, it can’t regenerate cells properly or to fill effect, which is why you might to start to see brittle, lifeless hair, ageing skin and nails that are weak and prone to breaking.  

2. Zinc for fabulous full hair, which accelerates the renewal of cells and has immune-boosting perks. Although zinc won’t increase your hair growth, including zinc in your diet with help prevent lifeless locks and hair loss. Get your zinc from high-protein foods such as meat, fish, beans, mushrooms, spinach and nuts.

3. Omega3 to help keep your skin looking plump and wrinkle free. The foods highest in omega-3 fatty acids include seafood (especially tuna and salmon) as well as walnuts, canola oil, and flax seed. 

4. Vitamin C to helping prevent split ends and sun educed wrinkle damage. Get your fix from kale, mango and broccoli. 

5. Vitamin E to helps fight free-radical damage that leads to fine lines. Keep your skin supple and boosted with natural collagen by making sure you eat foods like almonds, raw seeds, swiss chard and spinach.

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