Looking for the ultimate carry on bag? Our stylish multifunctional bags for women make the perfect laptop backpack, stylish carry-on, gym bag or baby bag! 

There are some things that we just can't travel (long haul) without. Even if we're in Economy it does't mean we can't travel in style :) Here's what we pack in our stylish carry on backpack or tote:

A travel pillow 

We love small silk pillows as 1) they are kind to your skin 2) they squash into nothing. Silk also keeps your hair smooth and reduces frizz. Winner. 

A decent, large eye mask and good quality ear plugs / noise cancelling headphones. 

Again we like silk as its kinder on the skin and is said to reduce wrinkles. Plus it feels luxe! Get some ear plugs that are comfortable and mould to your inner ear for max sound reduction and comfort. We like the Snore Calm brand (yep also good for snoring partners!) Got an overnight flight? Don't switch on the films...the light from screens is well known to disrupt the brain and make it more difficult for you to get to sleep. 

A cosy blanket or large scarf and cosy socks 

Travelling with baby, we sometimes two or three blankets to use when feeding / sleeping etc. Cosy socks are also a must for us, and make sure you pack some for baby too.


This natural supplement is going to help reduce jet lag, as it makes it easier for you to sleep and reduces the impact of cross time zone travelling. A must for any serious traveller. Its also a great natural alternative to popping a sleeping pill on board.  

A change of clothes - or at least a change of top.

Its amazing what a bit of freshness can do for your state of mind! Plus you'll probably need it if travelling with a baby or small child. 

Travelling with baby, our favourite accessory has to be a chamomile oil or rub. Look for one that has chamomile and French lavender blended together in perfect harmony to ease teething pain, ear ache, reduce inflammation, soothe nerves and calm emotional upsets. Its also effective for quick healing of minor cuts, burns and rashes. Numerous mamas swear by this magical oil.

Ziplock bags

We put our painkillers as well as baby paracetemol/ibuprofen in one and all our beauty/in flight care essentials in the other before we fly. And here's a top tip - we always pack a change of baby clothes and also bibs / muslin cloths in ziplock bags to save time trying to find them mid flight. 

Multi tasking beauty products

We love Antipodes Natural Saviour Skin Balm – it’s solid, so it doesn't leak, and it works for everything from sunburn, to  cuticle care to nappy rash. 

High energy, good for you snacks 

We love Naked bars for a quick boost of natural energy on board.  

A decent carry on bag

Depending on how far you're going, you might want to take a small wheelie case. But you'll still want to keep your inflight essentials close at hand. Our favourite in flight bag if we're travelling with baby is the Lea backpack - she's super lightweight, spacious, and has multiple compartments to keep everything separate and easy to find. She also has a quick access wipe pocket. We can fit everything listed in this list in ours. For business, we also like the Charli Backpack or the Cali Tote - both have space for a laptop plus all our essentials. Smart enough for any meeting and functional enough for sightseeing trips!