We're not giving up wine for January (ahem), but we are detoxing. Join us! Here are our top tips on how you can simplify your life for 2018! 


Haven't worn it for a year? Give it to your friend / family / charity. Not sure about it / haven't worn it in 6 months? Give it to friends / family / charity.  Too tatty for anyone to want (like old pants - yep we are chucking them away too!) then head to your nearest clothes recycling depot.  This is not about frivolity. Its about decluttering to make your life easier. Chances are - like us - you wear certain pieces on rotation. These are things you should invest in and create a capsule wardrobe around. Be carful of buying into trends - buy things you already wear a lot of. If you can / have time, try colour coding your items and attaching polaroids of your shoes to the front of boxes. 


We've all had 'friends' that we come away from spending time with feeling less than positive. Have you heard the expression 'some people are radiators and some people are drains'? Stay away from the drains - they will suck you under - and cuddle up to the radiators, these are the people that radiate warmth, love and real affection. 


STOP SAYING YES TO EVERYTHING. You don't have to say yes to everything to keep other people happy / out of fear of anything.  Learn some new vocabulary - 'Let me think about that', 'I'll look into it', 'I'll sleep on it'. No is also a one word answer.  Do what works for you not others. 


Ah, the love hate relationship with social media. This is a tricky one, but top psychiatrist's advise to try limiting your 'browsing' time to 10-30 minutes a day...be strict, and if you catch yourself going into a negative mindset / compare and despair situation GET OFF THE PAGE. Our fave new rule is no phones in the bedroom / social media scrolling before bed. 


Try switching your health, beauty and cleaning products to chemical free, animal friendly alternatives. Our fave brands include Pureology (haircare), Method (cleaning products) and Dr Hauschka (skincare and make up). How about ditching the expensive creams for natural alternatives like olive oil or coconut oil (fab for dry skin). If your budget stretches, try going organic across your food (and wine) groups as well. 

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