Christmas is over, New Year is over. Boo! BUT January is a great time to re focus, calm down and refresh after all the festive madness. These are our fave ways to spend (a calm and collected) January. Make your life that bit easier with a range of stylish laptop backpacks and laptop handbags that are the perfect bag for work and the gym.

1. Hot Yoga

It's cold out, and you might have (like us!) had one mine pie or mulled too many. A hot yoga session always makes us feel incredible. If you've never tired it before, now is the perfect time! 

2. Setting intentions 

Not resolutions. Intentions are a level down - so we don't feel so bad if we break them. They are also a way of transmitting to the universe what we want to happen, manifesting rather than resolving / forcing. Everyone needs a game plan, and January is the perfect time to remind yourself of what yours is! 

3. Booking a holiday 

Even just looking at holidays makes us feel better. We love to travel and there are often some great deals around in January. 

4. Spa Day 

Like we need an excuse? But January also has some great bargains on spa days  - plus its a great way to stave off the blues and re-adjust your mind after the hectic festive madness. 

5. New home feels 

Post Christmas the house can feel a little, well, bare :(  But January is a great time to invest in some new home stuff, even just a new candle can bring a fresh atmosphere. 

6. Head to a play 

After the spending and partying frenzy of Christmas, we like to reconnect with culture. Our fave is the Sam Wanamaker playhouse for some traditional Shakespeare lit by candles. 

7. Trying out some new recipes 

Not going out so much? January is a great time to get busy in the kitchen! 

8. Don't go on a diet! 

Truth is, post Christmas EVERYONE EVERYWHERE is talking about diets. But going on crash diet isn't going to do you any favours. We always apply the 80/20 rule, but if you really want to, try 70 / 30 for a week or two. One thing we definitely do post Christmas is up our greens (anything as simple as adding an extra bit of spinach to a smoothie). 

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